Circuit Training Outdoors
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Circuit Training Outdoors

Address: Forde House Gardens
Brunel Road
Newton Abbot

Contact Name
Fiona Paterson
07950 338944

Circuit Training Outdoors

A Stress Reliever for All School Staff

Exercise in the fresh air in the beautiful surroundings of Forde House Gardens

Double the benefit of exercise & nature to relieve stress

The emphasis is on fun, social, group exercise

Not competitive – it's all at your pace – your wellbeing is the most important factor

No equipment needed

No getting on the floor, lets stay on our feet.

Plenty of space, outdoors and large private grounds.

We all exercise together, whilst chatting or not depending on the level of concentration!

Great for confidence and putting a smile on your face.

Contact me, Fiona, to book your space. 07950 338944

What to Bring / Equipment

Sensible shoes, water,

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