Wellington Bollywood & Bhangra Dance Workshop
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Wellington Bollywood & Bhangra Dance Workshop

Address: 1st Wellington Scout Hall

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Wellington Bollywood & Bhangra Dance Workshop

Reasons to take up dance as a form of fitness. So many health benefits ❤️

👣 improves condition of your heart & lungs

👣 increases muscular strength and endurance

👣 greater self-confidence and self-esteem

👣 grows your social life

👣 stronger bones, better coordination, agility and flexibility

Our workshops, are friendly and inclusive, go at your own pace! We like to have a cup of tea and a chat either in the break or after a session.

The Wellington workshop is 2-4 pm. This is split into two 45 minute sessions with a tea break in the middle, so you could choose to come to the 2 pm-3pm session, or the 3.15-4pm session, or both with tea break in the middle (ie. 2-4 pm).

Our Indian dance sessions are not high impact - we will be moving to music for health and well being, and your coordination will be challenged! There are also options for seated participation and when standing, adaptations to moves, ie if you have shoulder mobility issues then you may wish to keep arms at chest level rather than above your head in a typical Bhangra move.

We dance to a variety of music styles, including traditional Indian folk music, filmi (Bollywood), Bhangra and Indian pop. We will tell you what the lyrics to the songs mean and the background, for example, some songs are sung at particular times of the year at Festivals.


* Warm up to some soulful Bollywood music

* Learn some Bhangra/Bollywood dance steps. We are a husband and wife team and will take you through the dance steps first and talk about their meaning

* Bollywood/Bhangra Disco – try out some of the moves you have learnt

* Warm down stretches and goodbyes

* We do get asked to dance at local community events and so if you wish to participate you are most welcome - this is an opportunity to dress up in authentic Indian costumes (we have lots!) and show what we have learnt AND its fun.

What to wear to a workshop?

Something loose and comfortable that gives freedom of movement - specialist footware is not required, so bare foot or trainers/plimpsoles will be fine. If you have an Indian outfit, why not dress to impress and wear it!

Please bring a water bottle.

Venue: Wellington workshops, 1st Wellington Scout Hall, Castle Hall, TA1 8AQ

We are also available for Indian cultural/dance sessions in schools, residential homes, community & cultural events.

What to Bring / Equipment

Water bottle, scarf

The sessions are drop in, but please do get in touch if you have any questions before hand. Do check with your GP that it is safe to exercise if you have had an injury or illness recently. Please work at your own pace - only you know how much you can

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