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National Squash Centre, Rowsley Street
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About England Lacrosse Association

The English Lacrosse Association is the national governing body for lacrosse in England.

Lacrosse is a team game, like football.

Also like football, goals are scored by shooting a ball into a net. But unlike football, you don't pass the ball with your feet. Instead you use a stick with a pocket on the end, called a crosse.

There are different versions of the game:

  • Men's lacrosse is a contact sport (like rugby). This is why players wear protective clothing including helmets, gloves and arm padding.
  • Women's lacrosse only involves contact between sticks.
  • Mixed lacrosse is played by both men and women or boys and girls. It is popular in many universities and some secondary schools.
  • Another version of the game, called Pop-lacrosse, is completely non-contact, even between sticks. It is mainly played by six to 12-year olds.

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