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Connecting Actively to Nature

CAN is an exciting programme that supports and inspires inactive people aged over 55, in Devon, Torbay and Plymouth, to connect actively to nature. This includes people with multiple barriers to ac

About This Programme

The programme encourages people to get outdoors, amongst our beautiful surroundings and discover the combined health and wellbeing benefits of a more active lifestyle.

Being outside in the fresh air can give you an enormous boost, improve your mood and reduce anxiety. Combine this with including small regular bouts of physical activity, can make a difference to your health.

CAN projects have been designed so they are all in nature and support participants that may not get there on their own.

More Information:

Nordic Fitness Walking at Haldon Forest Park

Nordic Fitness Walking at Haldon Forest Park

Keep fit and well this Autumn/Winter with Nordic Fitness Walking at beautiful Haldon Forest Park.
Learn the technique and walk the Nordic trails at you own pace with groups of like minded individuals. Great for cardio vascular fitness and improving upper body strength and posture.

Thursday 25th February (11:00 - 12:15)

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