Activity Tracker - Let's Walk 2021

Let's Walk 2021

Welcome to the Let's Walk Challenge. A Devon-wide workplace walking challenge taking place in March 2021. Connect with your teams and challenge each other to move more to win some great prizes!

  • Start Date1st Mar 2021
  • End Date31st Mar 2021


Let's Walk March 2021. Devon's Biggest Workplace Walking Challenge

First things first: make sure that before you leave this page, that you have scrolled down to the bottom of the page and signed up to the Sportsuite challenge platform to take part in the Let's Walk Challenge and created or joined a team.

Welcome to the Let's Walk Challenge. This month long challenge is all about how little changes make a big difference to you, your business and the world around us.

You have joined lots of people across Devon to get walking and actively moving during March both whilst at work and in your spare time. This challenge platform will allow you to create a team of colleagues, to invite your team to join, decide on a team goal and to log your steps during March to compete to win great prizes.

A few things you need to know...

  • Start by creating a team or joining an existing team in your workplace
  • Visit the FAQ section [Activity Tracker dashboard scroll down on the left hand side] to find out more about how to log your steps and how to sync your fitbit/google fit accounts and other helpful tips on how to use the challenge platform
  • We will keep you updated throughout the challenge with a weekly email newsletter with the latest challenges, an update on the leaderboard and some great hints and tips on how to keep those steps going
  • Follow us on social media for the chance to share your progress and tips!

Congratulations on joining the challenge!

Track your steps and physical activity every day - whether you're in a workplace or not. Make your next meeting a walking one, if you're in an office, take the stairs instead of the lift or get moving in your lunch break - whether inside or outside, at home or office based, this challenge is for you. However you like to, get walking and actively moving!

How do I track my steps?

However you like; use your smart watch, your smartphone or a pedometer. Log into the Challenge Platform, register your team and log your steps to take part. If you don't have a way of counting steps or you've been active through another form of exercise you can log this based on how many minutes you have been physically active and it will be converted to steps - it's that simple! Whatever form of movement you took part in, click on 'walking' on the drop down box and add in number of minutes you have moved to be counted towards your total.

How many people in a team?

This year, we are opening the challenge for teams of 3-10 colleagues. Why not encourage multiple teams to take part?

Your team score will be based on the combined number of steps you have completed.

Are there prizes to be won?

There are weekly challenges and lots of exciting prizes to be given away. This year, we will be rewarding those who take part based on their team goal and personal pledge - so be sure to share these with us and keep us updated on your progress.

Keep an eye on our Active Devon Facebook Page and your weekly round-up emails to find out more. Also, join our Facebook group specifically for Let's Walk to chat to others taking part and share hints and tips.

"I'm not very fit so I'll never win, what's the point?"

You'll win health benefits!

The main thing is that you are increasing the amount of physical activity that you do, so you are competing with yourself.

The challenge finishes at midnight Wednesday 31st March and you will have until 12 midnight to add your steps during March either manually or syncing your fitness tracker. Steps will continue to appear on your activity tracker page after this date but won't be counted in the challenge.

The Let's Walk campaign is all about getting...

  • People at work thinking about their health and the power of walking, then walking more to work, in work and at weekends
  • People at work engaging more with their community and environment by walking more
  • Businesses to support a walk-friendly culture and show commitment and leadership towards a more sustainable future

Creating a Walk-Friendly Culture Has Huge Benefits

  • Walking more improves your health and wellbeing, making you happier
  • Walking more boosts energy, morale and productivity, and is good for business
  • Walking more makes our communities cleaner and greener, and protects the environment

Let's Walk Workplace Walking Challenge

We can't wait for the 1st March when you can get started by recording your steps, competing against lots of other businesses across Devon. Set your team goal and personal pledge to be in with a chance to win great prizes!

Need some help? contact or call 01392925150

This challenge has now ended.

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